What is KDMax?

KD Max v4.0 is a kitchen cabinet design software tailored for kitchen shops and all kinds of cabinet manufacturers. It is created for salespersons of kitchen cabinets / wardrobe to impress clients and to ease their daily sales and design works. Users of KD Max need not to have proficient computer knowledge; one-day training is more than enough for general users. With the use of KD Max v4.0, your salesperson / designers can create a “virtual” kitchen in about 10 minutes, including “real” photos in any angle, quotation (or cost estimate), and working drawings. As the ideal kitchen is presented clearly, misunderstanding between your staff members and clients during any stages of design process can be minimized.

Workflow in 15 minutes
  • Input the client’s floor plan
  • Note down client’s requirements and start 3D design
  • Revise design instantly as per client’s preference
  • Finalize design proposal, and output photo-realistic renderings, quotations, and working drawings

Simply get the basic kitchen size and layout from your clients and start immediately designing the kitchen by selecting numerous built-in collections of cabinets and kitchen equipment. Replace and change any cabinets, styles, and accessories in seconds if you clients change their minds for the design. Within about 10 minutes, the whole kitchen designed from scratch is ready for presentation.

After final modifications you can prepare the quotation and output the working drawings in standard DWG format to manufacturers within several mouse clicks (including individual plan and different sides of elevation drawings).

KD Max comes with rendering tool and series of kitchen library. It just requires running on Windows® platform. In addition, the BtoCAD software is included in KD Max for automatic generation of working drawings after placing all cabinets. All dimensions on working drawings are automatically built and you can add any labels and remarks as you like.

KDMax Features

Customize your cabinet and manage your library
KD Max features an abundant library of cabinets and doors. Users can also customize and build their own cabinet styles using an easy to use interface, and then sort them by attributes.
Powerful cabinet query
Besides the traditional tree catalogue of cabinets, KD Max uses a new query method to quickly list all suitable cabinets through selecting multiple attributes.
Besides cabinets, users can also locate hardware, accessories, and other objects using this method
Fast and accurately recreate your house floor plan
KD Max can create any room shape, and during the layout of cabinets, worktops, and other objects, the program will automatically handle the corner details
Easy to use 3D design interface
An easy to use interface allows users to quickly design their kitchen cabinet placements in 3D according to their client’s requirements
Accurate Quotation
An accurate quotation can be generated quickly, through costs per unit or per materials used
Detailed working drawings
When a customer is satisfied with the design, KD Max can directly generate detailed working drawings for manufacturers and builders
Photo-realistic rendering of kitchen design
Customers can quickly view how their dream kitchen will look like through the powerful rendering ability of KD Max